Old Chalgrave – People

Photos From the Past, Old Chalgrave – People


Chalgrave in the Past - People
Arthur Foster, Audry Dolimore
Children at the allotments
Arthur Foster
Joseph and his wife Charlotte Tomkins
Fancy Dress Party c1955
Chalgrave School children (1927)
Ludgate's and Emertons
Brian Gridley
Michael, Ann, & Ruth Leary
Greengrocers, 21 Hockliffe Road
Athur Foster
May Tomkins
Boys playing
Jack Hyde
Senior Group
Cliff Day and Brian Gridley
Joseph Tomkins
Maggie Babister
Barbara Yirrell
Three Old Pals
Coach Trip to Clacton
Greta and her mother
Brian Gridley
Children in The Lane
WI Gathering (circa 1950)
Jessie Cooper
Soldier Lads
Unknown Villager

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  1. Joe Harris

    Hi I am presently living in a village by the name of Chideock in Dorset having moved from London five years ago. I have been looking at the village of Chalgrave and have been fascinated by the early photographs on your web site. Having been looking at early birth certificates belonging to my family, I have come across some information that gives the birth of my late Grandfather being Joseph John Harris, having been born on the twenty second of November 1868 at Farier Hill in the village of Chalgrave. I belonged to a family of seven inclusive of parents, with two of my sisters being named Margaret and Joan Harris, a bit of coincidence which could tie up to two of your photographs of a Harris family portrait but! not my sisters. I would love to hear from any relations out there whom may even still live in the village.

    Best Regards

    Joe Harris


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