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Walks & Footpaths in the Parish

There are 38 designated footpaths and 1 bridleway in Chalgrave, totalling around 24 miles of paths. This does include a couple of paths that are on our boundary, but technically outside of the parish.

Rights of Way Committee

The Rights of Way committee monitor and assist in keeping the paths in good order, and where necessary liaise with the Rights of Way officer from Central Beds Council. If you find any rights of way problems (paths blocked or unclear, broken stiles or gates, etc) or any other or suggestions for improvements, then please let the committee know.

Footpath Map (1997)

Footpath Map (1997)

Footpaths Map

You can download a copy of our footpaths map. You can see from the acknowledgements that it was published in 1997 and followed three years during which virtually all the paths were brought up to a usable state. We are more than a decade on from when we started this improvement and during that time the paths have been regularly maintained by the footpaths committee and the County through the Parish Paths Partnership. If you are interested in helping please contact us.

Chalgrave Heritage Trail

An 8 mile circular walk through Tebworth, Wingfield, and Chalgrave.

Rogation Day Walk

Each year, on Rogation Day (the sixth Sunday after Easter), we “Beat the Bounds” of Chalgrave. It is the only day of the year that we are legally entitled to walk those parts of the boundary that are not a public right of way. More information.

Other Walks

Todington Countryside have a number of walks around Toddington including the Chalgrave Heritage Trail.

Walk4Life have a number of local walks.

Let’s Go! provides all the information you will need to get the most from a trip into Bedfordshire, including a number of featured walks.


Countryside Code

Please respect the landowners rights by keeping to the marked rights of way and following the Countryside Code.  The nearest open access land (otherwise known as ‘right to roam’) to Chalgrave is at Sundon Quarry which is a fascinating former quarry to explore (beware of steep drops).





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