Chalgrave News Issue 52 – September 2016.

Issue 52, September 2016.


Chalgrave News (Issue 52, September 2016) is now available to view here, or browse other past issues.

The Chalgrave Games have taken place for a countless number of years and have become a regular source of merrymaking over the summer period. In recent times, they’ve been joined by two other, very different, experiences that are becoming firmly established as favourites in the summertime calendar. One is JoeFest, held in memory of Joe Inzani, and which raises money for London’s Air Ambulance, and the other is the Classic & Prestige Car Show (accompanied, as always, by a Beer Festival) which helps Keech Hospice Care. The popularity of these three disparate events, each of which, in its own way, provides ample opportunities for plenty of photographs, means that the September issue of the News is usually chock-a-block and this year is no exception. Long may all three functions continue to entertain and enthral us.

In this issue, we also have a fascinating account from our Parish Clerk, Lesley Smith, of a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace to which she and Cllr Phil Parry were invited. You can relive the afternoon in Lesley’s lovely article.
Those hoping to read about the 10–10 Cricket Festival, advertised in the June edition, will be disappointed to learn that it had to be cancelled because an insufficient number of teams volunteered to take part. The festival has now been rescheduled for 4th September so may have taken place by the time you receive your copy of the News.

Naturally, in this edition, we also bring you a selection of articles from our brilliant body of regular contributors. And, as usual, we also have a good selection of jokes, most of them corny, but then this is the News, after all.
We are also bearers of the bad tidings that Charles Wells, the brewery that owns the Queen’s Head, has placed the pub up for sale. Unless, by some miracle, funds are found to buy it for the community, it seems unlikely that the future of the building lies in selling beer. An open meeting is taking place on 19th September to explore options – you will receive a flyer with more details in due course.

Let me end on an appeal! I’ve now been the editor of this occasionally revered publication for twelve issues, my first copy being that of December 2013. It has been an enjoyable but intensive and demanding three years and I feel that the time is approaching for someone else … someone endowed with fresh ideas and brimming with enthusiasm … to take the helm. I propose editing the December 2016 and March 2017 issues before hopefully handing over control to a new person. If you fancy the idea of doing this job then please get in touch, using the contact details below. Please form an orderly queue and take care not to get hurt in the rush.
I will be more than happy to work alongside the new editor while he or she learns the ropes and stamps their own mark on the publication.

If you have any articles or stories to contribute to the next edition, please contact Roger Parker on 01525 874910 or email. To advertise in the Chalgrave News, please call 01525 873963 or email. Deadline for the next edition is Wednesday 16th November 2016.

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