Chalgrave News Issue 51 – June 2016.

Issue 51, June 2016.



The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 51, June 2016) is now available to view here, or browse past issues.

Welcome to another edition of the Chalgrave News, full of articles that we hope will enlighten you or entertain you, and, in some cases, perhaps both. As well as contributions from our regular band of writers, we also carry articles on recent events, namely the Annual Parish Assembly, the Rogation Day Walk, the MK Classic Car Tour, and the Tebworth Street Party. In addition, we also have aerial photos of Tebworth and Wingfield taken from a height of around 1,700 feet, a story, with a happy ending of an exhausted barn owl, an appeal from the WI in support of the Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, a piece on the further theft of lead from the church roof, and a pictorial article on the erection of the new clubhouse for the Sports Club.

As there is the important EU referendum taking place this month, in the interests of fair play we are including two articles in this edition, both written by influential analysts – Andrew Selous painstakingly presents the case for the Remain camp while local business man, JP, incisively argues for Brexit. I know which way I’m voting but everyone must make their own decision.

Following our appeal in the last issue for volunteers to help with the News, I’m delighted to report that Wingfield resident, Janine Harding, has stepped up to the mark. Janine will be assisting Su Parker next year with the advertising. If you fancy supporting us in any way, please get in touch because we desperately need at least one more pair of hands so that Su can further reduce her involvement and take a well-earned rest. Regrettably, the Annual Chalgrave News Quiz, which was scheduled to take place on 16th April, had to be cancelled because too few tickets were sold to make the event viable. It seems that the selected date was unsuitable for many of the regulars who attend. Finally, on a sad note, two of our best known and well loved villagers, Dot Brinklow and Vera Osborn, have recently passed away and you will find touching tributes to both ladies in this issue..

If you have any articles or stories to contribute to the next edition, please contact Roger Parker on 01525 874910 or email. To advertise in the Chalgrave News, please call 01525 873963 or email. Deadline for the next edition is Wednesday 17th August 2016.

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