Grant to Improve the Village Pond

Grant Obtained to Improve the Village Pond

The Village pond in Tebworth has slowly been filling up with silt, rushes, and weeds, until it became more of an eyesore than an attraction. Two years ago the Parish Council decided it was time to take action. Sadly the quotes we received were way beyond our budget and it was decided to apply for a Grant. At the beginning of March 2015,  after many days of meetings and form filling, Biffa confirmed that (subject to a few conditions) our Grant Application had been successful.

Subject to a reasonably dry summer, work will commence in August to dredge the pond. It can’t be earlier as we need the pond to dry out a bit. Once this is done we will be looking for volunteers to cut back some of the hedges, paint the bench, and generally return the pond to its former glory.We will let you know working party dates nearer the time.



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