Superfast Broadband Arrives

Fibre Broadband Arrives in Tebworth

Last month BT Openreach completed work to bring superfast fibre broadband to the village. From mid March it has been possible to order superfast broadband, and upgrade existing connections from the old ADSL technology to the new Fibre VDSL

Speed Test – Woodlands, Tebworth (May 2017)

With the old type of service (ADSL) the speed (or lack of) was determined by the length of the line from the local telephone exchange (Toddington) to your house. The new FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) is much better suited to a small village as the speed is determined by how close you are located to the green BT box at the side of the road – in our case, cabinet No. 8 on the grass verge opposite the Queens Head. This distance is obviously much shorter than to the exchange, so most people should get very good speeds. Those of us close to the cabinet are seeing download speeds of 70+ MB, which is a huge improvement on the previous 4MB we were getting. The speed will gradually decrease for those houses located further away in the village.

Wingfield is also apparently now enabled on the same cabinet, but the speeds will be much reduced due the distance. This might be as low as 15-20MB, but still an improvement on what was previously possible.

You can check what speed you might get here.

If you have already made the switch, post a comment and let us know what speed you are getting, and where you are located. This will help others who may be considering switching to fibre.


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  1. Roger Parke

    Here in Wingfield (half-way between The Meadows and The Plough), I’m getting a download speed of 16-19 Mbps with fibre, compared with around 2.5 Mbps that I was getting previously – a marked improvement!


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