Chalgrave News Issue 54 – March 2017.

Issue 54, March 2017.


Chalgrave News, Issue 54 – March 2017

The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 54, March 2017) is now available to view here, or browse other past issues.

Dear Readers, We announced in the last issue that our March 2017 edition would be the final one unless a replacement team stepped forward. Well, it’s our pleasure to announce that a new team has been found and therefore the News will continue. The new team is a large one and full details have not yet been released. But we know that Lyndie Lothian is replacing me as editor. Furthermore, Sharon Brown and Debbie Parry, between them, are sharing the roles of advertising manager and treasurer, which have been carried out up until now by Su Parker and Debbie Levy, respectively. With the essential support of our generous advertisers, our conscientious contributors
and our excellent printers, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the six or so years that we’ve had tenure of the News and we’re pleased to be able to pass on a magazine that is on a sound financial footing. We’ve been doing all we can to ensure a smooth transition as the new team continues in our footsteps, while stamping their own mark on the magazine and injecting fresh ideas. We wish our replacements every success as they take the News forward.

This, therefore, is the last copy of the News to be produced by the outgoing team. As you’ll see on pages 4–6, we’ve taken this opportunity to step out of the shadows and show you photos of our team and also of our regular contributors, without whom this would be a dreary and skinny magazine. Many of the faces will be familiar to you, but others may not be so well known. Naturally, we carry much more in this issue than selfies.

This, of course, is our first opportunity since Christmas to report on some of the events of that time, so we give you the chance to relive a few of those wonderful moments. And that’s not all! You’ll enjoy, I’m sure, an article by Lesley Smith on her new best friend, Ian, and you’ll be fascinated by Ken Green’s recollections of how he met his future wife, Lyn, more than 50 years ago. The News sends hearty congratulations to Ken and Lyn on their Golden Wedding Anniversary! Needless to say we also have a variety of articles from our regular contributors, including Peter Warburton’s erudite explanation of how train fares have evolved to become such a mess. JP doesn’t disappoint and, as usual, he has cut to the chase and provided alternative viewpoints on the key issues of the day.

We reported in the last issue of the attempts to purchase the Queen’s Head from Charles Wells. Much has been going on behind the scenes since then, but finding a sufficient number of potential investors who have the money to spare to buy shares in “The Tebworth Community Pub Ltd” has proved impossible, and hence a new approach is now being taken. By the time this edition lands on your doormat, a public meeting will have been held in the Memorial Hall to outline the revised proposals. We had to go to print before this meeting took place and, without a crystal ball, we can’t reveal much about the plans and nothing at all about the meeting. Nonetheless, a statement from the Queen’s Head team can be found on page 10.

If you have any articles or stories to contribute to the next edition, please contact Lyndie Lothian by email. To advertise in the Chalgrave News, please call 07927 144090 or email. Deadline for the next edition is Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

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