Chalgrave News Issue 48 – September 2015

Issue 48, September 2015.



Chalgrave News (Issue 48, September 2015) is now available to view here.

Welcome to a bumper edition of the News! Two major events have been held in Chalgrave since we last went to press. First there was the Chalgrave Medieval Games in June, and barely had the excitement from the Games died down than we were witnessing another Classic & Prestige Car Day in Wingfield, now in its third year and linked, as has become customary, to a wonderful beer festival at the Plough. Two charities benefited handsomely by more than a total of £1,000 from the car show and beer festival.

Outside Chalgrave, but still intimately connected to it, we carry a report on a lively JoeFest 2015, organised by Frankie Inzani in memory of her late dad, Joe. This raised the astonishing sum of £3,903 for London’s Air Ambulance.
Also in this copy you’ll find another instalment in Gillian Morrison’s poignant account of her search to discover more about the father she never met. Gillian writes in tribute to the countless thousands of young men caught up in the turmoil of war who were, as she puts it, “ordinary men … forced into doing extraordinary things”.

More mundanely, but still of importance, we have an article on the defibrillator training that took place in June. You can also read about websites and social media resources that are of local interest, and of two Tebworth ladies who have taken part in Bedfordshire’s first Colour Dash. And, naturally, we also feature the usual pieces by our regular stalwarts whom we depend on to keep you informed and entertained. Last but not least, over the past eighteen months, readers have been captivated by stories of our local porcine celebrity, Chops, as told by his adoptive mum, Julia Marsh. Well, his fame has now spread beyond Chalgrave and reported nationwide. Both the Daily Mail and Daily Star have carried articles on Chops, and Julia has even given a live interview on Three Counties Radio. But, remember, it was the News that scooped the story!

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