Chalgrave News Issue 47 – June 2015

Issue 47, June 2015.


The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 47, June 2015) is now available to view here.

We have another packed edition of the Chalgrave News for your intellectual enlightenment. As well as our usual collection of entertaining and informative pieces contributed by our regular stalwarts, we have an article by Fiona Parker on the recent Rogation Day Walk and another by Ken Green on “Joe’s Session” at the Queen’s Head. New recruit Peter Warburton writes on the subject of unintended consequences while another new author, Lesley Smith, reports on the MK Classic Car Tour which included her Tebworth Special, the little blue MG that is a familiar sight around our villages. Elsewhere, Debbie Hampson provides an update on the pond in Tebworth and Julia Marsh recalls her fond memories of Michael Kingham, who passed away in January. We also publish the second instalment of Gillian Morrison’s quest to discover more about her father, Fusilier George Mawson Holmes, who lost his life in Italy during WWII. And, of course, we also carry accounts of the Parish Assembly, the Chalgrave News Quiz, and one or two other items. Last, but not least, we are extremely fortunate to have acquired a breath-taking photograph, worthy of the Greenwich Observatory, of the solar eclipse of 20th March.

If you have any articles or stories to contribute to the next edition, please contact Roger Parker on 01525 874910 or email. To advertise in the Chalgrave News, please call 01525 873963 / 01525 877327 or email. Deadline for the next edition is Wednesday 12th August 2015.

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