Richard Tomkins has kindly been in touch to share some old 1800s ‘Tomkins’ photos from his family album.

From Chalgrave, the Tomkins family mostly went to Luton & Dunstable although I still had Tom(p)kins cousins in Tebworth until the 1980s, and of course, through marriage, we were related to Dolemore’s, Birds, Ludgates and Whinetts to name but a few local families. My branch went from Wingfield to Luton, to Leagrave, back to Toddington in the 1950s then settled in Stanbridge.


The old chap with the pipe is Joseph Tomkins, born in Chalgrave in 1850 to James Tomkins (Blacksmith of Tebworth and Wingfield along with his brother William). His obituary mentions something of his love for the village. His Sister Ann was the schoolmistress in Tebworth in the late 1800s.


Joseph and his wife Charlotte Tomkins.


Josephs daughter, May Tomkins. Any idea on which farm this is? James (the blacksmith) had married Ann Whinnett, so its possibly at the Whinnet’s farm.


Phylis & Walter Ludgate, with Harold, Ada, and Sid Emerton. Probably taken in the 1930s or early 40’s. Harold was born in 1921 and looks like he’s post-teenage years in the photo.


We are grateful to Richard for sending the photos and allowing us to publish them on the website. We are always looking for old photos of people or places relating to the the parish, so if you do have any that you would be willing to share, please do get in touch with the website team.


  1. Olimpia Armieri

    Great photo’s thanks for sharing Richard.

    1. Richard Tomkins

      No problem 🙂


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