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2016 Chairman’s Report

The Parish Council consists of myself as the Chairman and I am also one of the Council representatives on the West Trust; Ken Green who is the Vice Chairman and heads up the Footpaths Committee and has responsibility for the Website; Debbie Hampson who is on the Planning Committee; Mike Wells who runs our Speedwatch activities and also works on our website, Paul Whitton who monitors Fly Tipping, Barbara Jackson who leads the pond restoration project and our Defibrillator team, and Lesley Smith who is our Parish Clerk.

One name not mentioned is Dan Osborn.  Unfortunately for us, Dan is stepping down from the Council. With a growing family, his work and other commitments he finds it difficult to find time to be a parish Councillor.  We really regret his departure and thank him for his 14 years of service to the Parish.

It does mean that there will be a need for a new councillor. If you are interested in joining the PC please contact Lesley or any member of the Council.

As always the past year has been a very active one for the Parish Council.  In case you are not aware we do a lot of work behind the scenes.  We work on a voluntary basis trying to do as much as we can for our local community.  As well as our monthly meetings and individual responsibilities we attend local and area meetings where decisions can made that affect our Parish. We lobby MP’s and local councillors, we defend the rural nature of our community, we encourage and support local activities, we look for ways of improving facilities and the infrastructure, we strive to keep our community spirit and, as your representatives, we listen to you.

We continue to pressure Highways to repair our roads, get our street lights working, cut back overgrown bushes and trees and clear pathways.

We also deal with unexpected issues like the sudden closure of Hockliffe Road in the centre of Tebworth while they worked on a water main – diverting traffic down The Lane! Or when Lords Hill was closed and HGV’s were diverted down Tebworth/Wingfield Road.

Our Precept is this year is £7,020. Between a quarter and a third of our precept we receive from you goes straight back into our community in the form of grants and awards. We keep a third for contingencies and the rest is used in the running of the Council activities.

The accounts can be viewed on our website or via the Clerk as can minutes of our meetings.

Planning is one of our many concerns, both at a Parish and County level. At a County and National level we are very vocal in our determination to protect the Green Belt – we want to maintain the rural nature of our Parish.

Mike is leading our Speedwatch Campaign.  We are out on Toddington Road and Tebworth Road. We are limited to where we can use the speed sign because of Health and Safety. Please speak to Mike if you want to know more or to volunteer.

We are aware that the VAS on Toddington Road is erratic and we are looking into it.

When the A5/M1 link is opened there will be 7.5 tonne weight limit through our Parish and surrounding roads. We also hope to have a 20 MPH speed limit through Tebworth.

I hope you agree that the work on the pond in Tebworth so far is good.  Had we not dredged the pond it would now be land. We are next going to work on the banks and do some planting.  We have a small team working on this – if you would like to help please speak to Barbara.

We are fortunate to live in a low crime area.  However, there are break-ins and burglary so please sure that doors and windows are locked and outbuildings are secure.  Please report anything that you think is suspicious and report any crimes.  We are considering setting up Street Watch in the Parish – this will be run by small group of volunteers.

Central Beds Council have a number of on-line consultations over the year on a variety of subjects. We respond to them on your behalf but we are concerned that one or two of them should also be responded by individuals. There is currently a consultation on bus services.

If you are with someone having a cardiac arrest in the village – you can’t leave them.  You’re job is to call 999 and perform CPR until the emergency services arrive.  In the meantime, someone needs to bring the defibrillator to you.  We have a small group of volunteers who are willing be called if they are in the village and able to collect the defibrillator.   We are also looking into the possibility of The East of England Ambulance service training “First Responders” in basic first aid.  This training is free so if anyone is interested in either becoming a First Responder or volunteering to be called to collect the defibrillator, please contact Barbara Jackson after the meeting.

Finally the Millennium Youth and the Community Awards for 2015. We have some nominations which is great. Both awards are to recognise a significant achievement or community service. The Millennium Youth Award is for 18 years and under and is a ‘well done’  for academic or sporting achievement, contribution to the community, overcoming difficulties, or other significant achievement The Community Award is for over 18s and is a ‘thank you’ for service to the community.  If you have a nomination please contact the Clerk, Lesley Smith, or any of the councillors.

You are invited to any of our meetings. They are usually on the third Tuesday of the month in the Memorial Hall at 7:30.

Phil Parry


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