Further to Proposed change to speed limits in Tebworth

Below are links to the original documents in PDF format with more detailed maps showing the proposed changes. Write now to make your voice heard!!

Stat Consultation Tebworth 40mph’s

Tebworth Proposal (overview)

Tebworth, Toddington Road 40mph

Tebworth, Hockliffe Road 40mph

And here are images of the detailed maps:

Toddington Road

Hockliffe Road

Once again the email address to send your comments to is Traffic.Consultation@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk. We have until Friday 16th February 2018 to object – and please note “Any objections must state the grounds on which they are made.”.

I hope that this makes it clearer for everyone.

Councillor Mike Wells,
Chalgrave Parish Council

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  1. Paul Younger

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am writing to oppose the planned changes to the speed of traffic in Tebworth. I do not understand why monies are planned to be spent to move current 30mph signs further down into the village and introduce new 40mph signage provides a benefit to anyone.

    I live on Hockliffe Road and can assure you that no one entering the village adheres to the current 30mph, even with the flashing sign. Advising people to do 40mph on entry is only, I am afraid, encouraging speeds in excess of 40mph.

    Your reasons for the proposal are listed as

    –The speed limit will ensure traffic speeds are suitable in relation to the current surroundings and environment
    –The limit will gain a greater level of compliance with speed limits within the area.

    I also would like to point you to the last reason for your change. I think you will find that Leighton Road, Toddington, at the other end of your Toddington Road proposal is currently 20mph. Therefore, if you wish to bring compliance to the area perhaps you would consider lowering your proposal to 20mph for the length of the village.

    If you feel compelled to spend money on the roads in our village please would you fill some pot holes, or better still, put a plan in place that ensures that the traffic respects the speed limits currently in place which are already more than adequate.

    Yours Sincerely

    Paul Younger

    21 Hockliffe Road,
    Leighton Buzzard,
    Beds LU7 9QA


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