Old Time Music Hall 2012 (YouTube)

Old Time Music Hall 2012


These videos are made available for playback through YouTube (except where those involved have asked not to be included) to enable universal support on most systems and devices. All videos are also available on the main Old Time Music Hall page. Playback below uses YouTube, or you can visit the Chalgrave Parish YouTube Channel to playback these and many more videos directly.

Old Time Music Hall performance
staged at the Chalgrave Memorial Hall on the 6th, 7th, and 8th December 2012.

An enthralling and entrancing embroglio of entertainments.
An evening of fun, frolics and frivolity with popular songs and comedy sketches.

OTMH2012 Programme Cover



Our musical director Brent Wilks plays as the Audience gathers

Introduction by our Chairman Phil Parry

1St Sing-A-Long, Chalgrave Walblers

Gert and Daisy, Angela Hilton & Nikki Piggott

The Boy I love, Gill Waterhouse

Soldiers of the Queen, Ken Green

The Great Innuendo, John Parker

The Houses In-between, Peter Carne

Gordon Haddock & Rabbit, Colin & Beth McCausland

If You Were the Only Girl in the World, Colin Edwynn

Aida & Flo, Paul Lovett & Nikki Piggott

Sisters, Chris McDonagh & Francis Masters

Bless them All. Chalgrave Warblers

Master of the House, Colin Edwynn

Waiting at the Church, Gill Waterhouse

The Great Innuendo Returns, John Parker

I won’t send Roses, Peter Carne

The Mole Catcher, Colin McCausland & Philip Parry

Burlington Bertie,Ken Green

The Sheppard’s Tale, The Occasional Players
Angela Hilton, Trevor Holden, Paul Lovett, Brian Parson, Nikki Piggott, Evlyn Russell, Charlotte Taylor, Richard Wood

A Christmas Carol, Chris Rowe

What a Beauty, Chris McDonagh

Christmas sing-a-long 






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