Christmas Bin Collections

Christmas Bin Collections.

Bin collections change from 19 December and return to normal on Monday, 4 January.

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Collection Dates

Normal collection day                            Revised collection day 

Monday 21 December                               Saturday 19 December

Tuesday 22 December                              Monday 21 December

Wednesday 23 December                         Tuesday 22 December

Thursday 24 December                           Wednesday 23 December

Friday 25 December                                 Thursday 24 December

Monday 28 December                               No change

Tuesday 29 December                              No change

Wednesday 30 December                         No change

Thursday 31 December                           No change

Friday 1 January                                      Saturday 2 January

The last garden and bulky waste collections will be on Friday, 18 December 2015. All garden and bulky waste will resume as normal from week commencing Monday, 11 January 2016. ‘Real’ Christmas trees will be collected between Monday, 11 and Friday, 29 January 2016. Please ensure segments are no taller than 5ft and have trunks no greater than 3 inches in diameter.

For further information, please visit the Central Bedfordshire Council website.




  1. Skipped Recycle

    Do we get a refund if the bin collectors skip a whole week? What about two weeks?

    1. Simon Gatward (Post author)

      Our recycle waste bin was collected earlier today, was yours missed? Central Beds Council do have a number you can contact them on if your bin was missed:

      If your bin or bag has not been collected you can either report it on the day of collection after 4.30pm (Monday – Thursday) and after 3.30pm (Friday) or within 48 hours by calling 0300 300 8302.

      As for a refund, a question best directed to CBC, but I suspect I know the answer…..


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